Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brain Vs Face

I think everyone must experieced , When we meet to any new person our mind starts thinking about his/her personality by looking his face only. 
Mind starts to take different decisions like, he/she is Clever,Talented, Short tempered, Stupid, froudy, funny, naughty etc. etc.
Is anyone observed or thinked on this ? Why our mind play such game. Eventhough I also don't know , but really it is amazing.

I read some information about describing/identifying  a human personality by recongising face only, however facts is that those decision are taken up  depending on physical factors like Hair,Nose,Ear,Forehead etc. So I am wondering how does mind works ?
Any replies will be appriciated!!!


  1. This is the common mistake many people... never judge a person just seeing by his face many times the result wud be different... though the proverb "Face is Index of mind" is true to some extent, some times it does not hold good.

    Recently i was traveling in the train "General Class" as it was unreserved travel, i saw a old man in front of me with old shawl wrapped he looked like a robber or crazy dude and after a while during journey when he unwrapped an started talking with us we learnt that he was a retired police officer who won many awards...

    So beware before judging proverbs always not hold good.

  2. I think with some practice we can easily judge the faces. Generally, face reading technique is known as Physiognomy or personology.

    See what happens, To visualize our thinking is the job of the face.
    Very simple examples are -
    Our face is smiling when we are happy.

    With the micro study of our face muscles reactions on the particular thinking, scientist got realize that all the reactions visualized by face are unique in all living things.

    I had seen one documentry based on these studies on Discovery channel, In that they demonstrate how to read the faces.

    Even Physiognomy or personology is also used in softwares, in which face morphing can be done.