Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One experience with MSDN forums for Windows Mobile development.

Almost 1 year back, being a part of team member I was working as software developer in one of project. That project is nothing but all about PIM synchronization includes Caledar,Contacts,tasks and media contents.
In development phase I got stuck with one problem in retrieving a field from contacts. I did all possible efforts in technical point of view however problem remains the same. So thought why not to go with MSDN forums and raise the query?  I am damn sure that I will get any feedback , suggestions from forum members including  MVP's and Microsofts Moderators. But unfortunatly result is same. After that I updates the post by saying that I wanna report this to Microsofts Windows Mobile Team and I need help for reporting the same. But no replies I was observing this for long time, just can able to see the numbers count of visitors and  nothing else.

If Microsoft people started these forums then its there responsibility to help developers to resolve their queries (either with positive outcome or negative outcome)by accepting facts. What does it mean about Social Networking ? 

Posting this blog doesn't mean that I am complaining about MicroSoft guys, just wanna inform them atleast they come with YES / NO for the raised query. 

For more details I am adding the unanswered link below i.e thread in MSDN forum,


Finally wanna say few words : The True Pleasure is to understand Human Values & serve them in needs. !!!

I hope if any MS forum buddy will read this , he/she will come with some output. 

Though it was not serious problem; so somehow we convenced to our project client and Happily delivered the project. 


  1. Hey Moshin,

    Sorry to hear that no one ever answered your query. Even though it's probably a very late response, have you tried out the InTheHand Mobile? I've been using the POOM wrappers it comes with since Pocket PC 2002 and it seemed to have always worked fine, and it's also a lot faster than the managed API's provided by Microsoft

    And as for reporting a bug to Microsoft, I think you can do this through the Microsoft Connect web site. For getting support, I would recommend calling the local Microsoft offices and I'm sure they will provide you with proper instructions on how to get the proper support for your case, but be prepared that this is a very long process


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