Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Unlock Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Emulator

Hello All,
Finally thought to write about subjected topic,

At the release of WP7 developer tool initially I faced problems for unlocking the WP7 emulator , however after surfing a lot and doing hell like Rn D got to overcome on the problem.
Below are some steps to unlock the WP7 Emulator :

1.I guess initially your emulator screen will looks like as below :
Initial screen

2. To unlock the screen I downloaded "wm70_copypaste" named file by referring 
   thanks for them

3. Once it got downloaded , I copied the file at path
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.0\Emulation\Images

4. In the same path there is file names as "WM70C1.en-US" which is original emulator image file. For safety/backup purpose I renamed this file to "WM70C1.en-US-ORIGINAL".

5. Now its turn for  "wm70_copypaste" file to rename. Rename downloaded file to 

6. You are done here.

Now create/open any WP7 application from "Visual Studio 2010" you will observe the booting process of emulator as below :

(A) Complete OS boot
(B) Loading OS
(C) Home Screen
(D) Other options
Now you unlocked WP7 Emulator and now its ready for development
Hope this might be helpful for someone.


  1. Yes i worked, but wanted to test email composer in the emulator but i am unable to setup account. When i go to setup account page i see nothing but a line of text "add account". Is anyone able to do this?

  2. I have done all tyhe mentioned step . But it takes too much time and showing a word "windows phone emulator is doing a complete os boot"

  3. For me the emulator is fine and fun the UI is really nice, may be for someone the emulator loads really slow it depends of the computer´s speed, thanks for the information to unlock the rom.

  4. The megaupload link does not work please give another link!!!

  5. is there any other way to download this unlocked rom ??

  6. Please Proved active download link.

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