Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Download MANGO SDK Windows Phone 7 (WP7) , release, news updates

Guys ,

After jail breaking the WP7 emulator we comes to know that the current version of WP7 is not supporting any access to the PIM items and developers can not access the camera, no more interaction with the calendar or contacts, also network  limiting to HTTP/HTTPS, and few more restrictions.

However these restrictions rolling out in next update for WP7, called "Mango"  in May2011. It seems to be most of these limits will disappear with Mango. Also came to know that Mango is going to expose around 1500 new APIs.

So Mango is the  MS's next big WP7 update. Hope Mango will rock in coming days.

Good news is that release date has been announced , Mango will gonna release on 24th May-2011. 
For more details visit link below:

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