Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nokia Windows Phone News, updates

June 1st ,the interview of  Nokia's CEO (Stephan Elop) with CNBC  , he was  asked what will be the Nokia's plan B if in a case Windows Phone7 does not work ?  Mr.Elop says that Plan B is to make sure  the Plan A is very successful. According to him consumers feedback is good & Windows phone operation system is very good better in satisfaction of needs than competing platforms. And Microsoft doesn't have partner for doing best for their windows phone that is what Nokia had commitment made through this process , by bringing together the Hardware & Software , off course there is need of third or balancing ecosystem in the environment .

Lets see following months will be crucial for both Windows Phone & Nokia lovers . Being a developer I hope something best from this deal.

For more details & video you can visit HERE .

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